Saturday, February 26, 2011

[LPJ Design] Monster of NeoExodus: Fleshweaver is available

Louis Porter Jr. Design has released Monster of NeoExodus: Fleshweaver at  Here is information on this product:

As this hideous monstrosity comes into view it resembles that of a nightmarish aberration fusion of giant spider and centaur with a head of an insect.  Few monsters are more terrifying than the fleshweaver. The staccato clicking, insect-like sounds that accompany every movement of this creature can be extremely disquieting to anyone unaccustomed to them. Those who have the unfortunate pleasure of meeting a fleshweaver are usually never heard from again. When they are, only their skinless bodies are found. What happens to the skin of the victims of this evil fiend, only a few souls dare to guess.

This supplement includes:
  • Two new monsters the Fleshweaver, Fleshwaever Paragon and Gloambristle Fleshweaver
  • Background and history of the Fleshweaver
  • Fleshweaver Counters
  • Initiative and Monster Cards
This 8 page PDF is just the sort of thing needed for DMs to get started playing in the fantasy world of NeoExodus. Written by Richard Farrese and Benjamin Wenham with Louis Porter Jr. Available at and available at!