Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wondrous Equipment Wednesday - Black Sap Hemp Rope, Music Box & Wooden Doll

Black Sap Hemp Rope: This hemp rope is made by letting newly woven rope steepe in a bath of oily black sap from the caloux tree for up to six months. When the rope is finely ready, it smells faintly of coconuts. It is also far more durable than ordinary rope, and seems to heal itself over time. It is sought after by climbers, adventurers and sailors of means for its durability.

Black Sap Hemp Rope has 8 Hit Points and can be burst with a DC 26 Strength check. If left slightly moist, a damaged rope recovers 1 Hit Point per hour.

Black Sap Hemp Rope (50 ft). Medium object, 12 lbs, 25 gp 

Music Box: This cunningly made clockwork creation is the size of a small jewelry box. Ornately decorated with strips of gold and ivory, the box opens to reveal a tiny brass crank. When turned, mechanisms within the box produce tinny music, which sounds somewhat like a slowly plucked lute or sitar.

The music box always produces music with a quality equal to a DC 10 Perform (stringed instrument) check. Winding the box as a full round action allows it to play for 2 minutes. If used to accompany a baric performance, the music box is considered to be successfully using the Aid Another action to assist the performer.

Music Box. Tiny object, 5 lbs, 675 gp

Wooden Doll: Masterfully made, wooden dolls of this type are about as long as a child’s outstretched hand. Some are dressed in simple cloth costumes. Royal children play with dolls dressed in silk and jewels, while lucky peasant children might make do with a wooden figure wearing a burlap or gingham sack tunic or pants. These dolls are jointed with loosely attached nails at the arms and legs, and may depict any creature the carver desires, from a beautiful tavern wench to a brave knight to a snarling orc.

Wooden Doll. Tiny object, 1 lb. 1-2 gp