Monday, November 15, 2010

Magic Item Monday - Barbarian’s Kilt

Barbarian’s Kilt
Aura: faint transmutation       CL: 5th
Slot: pants       Price: 50,000 gp         Weight: ½  lb

The Barbarian’s Kilt is an ancient and powerful form of magic, which predates recorded human history by millennia. Elven and Dwarven artwork from the pre-human era depict early mankind as nearly nude savages, empowered and protected by the crude animal furs they imbued with the power of blood and sorcery.
 The Barbarian’s Kilt can barely be considered an item of clothing. It is simply a preserved and tanned piece of bear, wolf or worg hide, worn wrapped around a warrior’s waist. When tied, the Barbarian’s Kilt falls to the middle of a man’s thigh. More civilized warriors might decorate their Barbarian’s Kilt with an elaborate brooch or pin, or adorn their Kilt with small pouches or a sheath for a ceremonial knife.
The Barbarian’s Kilt improves the already fearsome abilities of Barbarian warriors. If the wearer is a barbarian, he or she may rage an additional time per day, and their fast movement ability is increased by an additional +10 ft per round. 

If the wearer is not a barbarian, he or she gains the fast movement ability and ability to rage once per day, as a first level barbarian.

No true warrior of the wild ever wears anything beneath the Barbarian’s Kilt, and since this magic item occupies the pants slot, this item finally provides a valid, in game rationale for muscle-bound barbarians in furry underwear.

Construction Requirements: Craft Magic Arms and Armor, Creator must possess the Barbarian Rage class feature, bull’s strength, haste
Cost: 25,000 gp