Thursday, November 11, 2010

Deadly Trap Thursday - Inexorable Death Clock

Inexorable Death Clock (CR 17)
This bamboo and smoked black glass waterclock dominates an entire room, as precisely maintained and starkly beautiful as the clock itself. The walls are black lacquered oak, and the floor and low ceiling of the chamber are some soft, white wood. Water trickles into the water clock’s hundreds of tiny cups from a cleverly constructed array of pipes in the ceiling. One by one, the buckets fill, tip and empty their liquid into a smaller cup waiting below. Eventually, the water reaches the bottom of the clock, and disappears into a marble basin near the bottom of the large contraption.
Type: magical trap
Perception: DC 24
Disable Device:
DC 18  
Trigger: location (anyone entering the room)
automatic (1 round)
Effects: Multiple targets (all creatures in room), Never Miss (1 round onset)
Effects: All targets must succeed at a WILL Save (DC 23) or age 2d4 years per round they remain in proximity to the clock. Success means the creature only ages 1 year.

Secondary Effect: Creatures who are aged more than 20 years by the clock are immediately targeted by a Finger of Death effect (WILL DC 23 negates). 

Tertiary Effect: Any creature drinking the water filling the clock is exposed to a deadly poison and must succeed at a DC 22 FORT save or die instantly. On a successful save, the target is nauseated for 2d6 minutes.