Monday, October 4, 2010

Magic Item Monday - Conjuror’s Stockings

Conjuror’s Stockings
Aura: strong conjuration
CL: 14th
Slot: feet
Price: 96,000 gp
Weight: 1 lb

Sorcery was initially an exclusively female art, while the art of wizardry was masculine. Without access to magical education, or to the closely guarded spellbooks of wise old men, women developed their own breed of arcana, one based on passion, intuition and instinct, not rote learning. Over time, the lines blurred: women were allowed to study at mages academies, while men began practicing sorcery. The Conjuror’s Stockings date back to the olden days of sorcery, when only women knew the Instinctive Art.

Conjuror’s Stockings are a pair of thigh high greyish-black mesh stockings. One stocking is plain and unadorned, practical and sensible. The other stocking of the pair is ornately decorated with brilliant blue and silver lace and adorned with a seductive garter around the wearer’s upper thigh.

While wearing the Conjuror’s Stockings, the wearer casts Conjuration spells at +1 caster level. In addition, once each day, the wearer can draw upon the magic of the Stockings and cast any single zero or first level Conjuration spell from the arcane energy stored within the stockings

Finally, once per day, the wearer may choose to cast any Conjuration spell as a free action, similar to a quickened spell without changing the spell’s effective caster level, including the daily conjuration spell stored within the stockings.

Limitation: Only Sorcerers (of either gender these days) can wear and benefit from a pair of Conjuror’s Stockings.

Construction Requirements: Craft Magic Arms & Armor, limited wish, creator must possess the feat Spell Focus (conjuration)

Cost: 48,600 gp