Tuesday, September 28, 2010

LPJ Design Products/Projects from now until August 2011 for Paizo’s Pathfinder

Here is the current status list of projects that we are working on at LPJ Design:

NeoExodus: A House Divided Campaign Setting - We just got back the updated updated to Pathfinder seven races (Cavian, Cynean, Dalrean, Enuka, P’Tan, Prymidian, Sasori) and we are starting work in the updated prestige classes. We are about half way through the first rough draft of new spells and just started on feats.

Obsidian Twilight: A Place Beyond Hell - Is completed and all we are waiting on is 13 pieces of artwork. The last week of October is still looking good for release. Really happy with this one.

Pirates of the Bronze Sky - Chris and I have gotten on the same page with the initial creation of what on what we want to see in the setting. I plan to have some material for it coming in November and December. Have not assigned all the artist yet but I looks like Ean Moody will be doing more work on Pirates.

Enemies of NeoExodus: Folding Circle – Well the main five members, Seeker-in-Flame, and Axo the Wildstorm are done and updated to Pathfinder. I am still waiting/thinking about including/updating the Brotherhood and adding them to this product. Add the Brotherhood to this product is a good idea, just time consuming. We will have to see.

Enemies of NeoExodus: Crimson Hand – The rough draft should be turned in a few days. Then we will start on the artwork.

Monsters of NeoExodus – We have five monsters updated to Pathfinder completed (Annihilation Sphere, Bilewyrn, Caliban, Fleshweaver and Harvester of Sorrow) and ready to go. But I want to wait to release them. Plus I am planning for the Annihilation Sphere to be for free for those who pre-order Enemies of NeoExodus: Folding Circle.

NeoExodus Chronicles: Hostile Environment – Have not started yet.
NeoExodus Chronicles: Magic of NeoExodus – Have not started yet.
NeoExodus Chronicles: Secrets of NeoExodus – Have not started yet.
NeoExodus Chronicles: Bitter Fruit from the Tree of Woe – Have not started yet.
NeoExodus Chronicles: Dragons of NeoExodus – Have not started yet.

This list also doesn’t include any little PDF projects we have planned like our Two Dozen Dangers/Discoveries line. Plus we are working on a NEW Secret Project X that I can talk about in April of 2011 for its official release in July / August 2011. So even though you don’t hear a lot from us for a while, we are working. Talk to you later…

PS: We are still looking for Pathfinder writers & artists, so if you have always wanted to write, here is your chance. Send us a email and get to work!