Thursday, July 22, 2010

Sex and gimmicks doesn't sell products, quality does...

See this great ad for the upcoming Nikita series. It does everything right, to not make this a successful series.  Way too much sex appeal on the ad just is doing its best to cover up the flaws of the show.  Yes she is sexy and the image is exotic and erotic, but it does not sell what the show is.  In all my years of watching 24, I never saw Jack Bauer in a leather tight Speedo.  Gimmicks are not need to sell quality.  Just look at the HBO series The Wire to see that. This this the same lesson you should learn and follow when making your products.  Get back to work.  Talk to you later.


  1. Well, at least... No, no... not even the photoshopping is bad.

  2. ummmm

    and who can forget

    you were saying???? does this mean we should NOT buy these products?

  3. @Anonymous: No what I am saying is that each of those covers actually tell you about what we are selling. What is Nikita if you have never see it before or know nothing about it? Looks do kill is the tag line, so is she a serial killer? body guard? Mercenary? At least my cover ACTUALLY tell you something beside, she has breast and she is Asian. Lazy advertising and marketing people did this ad.

  4. really?

    Pirates of the Bronze Sky
    The War for New Avalon is unleashed July 4th, 2011

    Let's see... Pirates... the sky is bronze for some strange reason... there is a war... what war and why is it important, no idea... released on July 4th, 2011... okay that is clear...

    Oh wait! BOOBS! There we go... LOTS OF BOOBS in the product.

    Neoexodus... I have absolutely NO idea at all what that is about. I see a wanted poster of a woman with big boobs. I have no idea at all what the this product is about. Sorry, but that is the truth.

    A Place Beyond Hell is about a Post Apocalyptic Lovecraftian Horror. Okay, Post Apocalyptic with BOOBS. Lovecraftian... well I suppose I will take your word for it.

    The best cover is A Place Beyond Hell. The other two tell me nothing at all about the product. Seriously.

    The Nikita ad, I looked at it, and first thing that came to my mind is an sexy exotic assassin/bodyguard probably with lots of action and cleavage. I bet anything that is what the show is about. I have not seen anything at all about before this, but I bet I am close.

    Neoexodus... no idea at all what the subject is. I expect there will be lots of BOOBS though.

  5. @Anonymous: I find it funny of the nearly 100 products out for these three product line you seem to focus on boobs (as you call them. I guess that tells me A LOT about you) the majority DON'T have women on them. Plus since women have breast I don't find it to be an issues showing them of all shapes and sizes.

    The other part to this is, why be "Anonymous"? If you really believe what you say just stand behind it under you real name. I do. Thanks for you comments.