Wednesday, May 26, 2010

What if you did the Brick & Mortar PDF Guarantee but only for “elite level” of retail stores?

After all the controversy of yesterday’s post, The Brick & Mortar PDF Guarantee by Evil Hat and Rogue Games is a bad idea and here is why…, I decided to take another look and this post and make some more comment on it.  While we comments about the topic directly in our comment area, we also go great comments from Gary Ray of Black Diamond Game had this blog comment on the whole topic, Dale McCoy Jr made some comments on his blog post and even Richard Iorio seemed to take it as a personal attack, which is wasn’t.  I am sorry if it came off that way to you. 

Pushing boundary of what we do as RPG publishers is what interests me and is what I am about and I found the Brick & Mortar PDF Guarantee as an interesting boundary to push.   So after reading all of these blogs, emails and other posts of the subject, I thought of another spin on the the Brick & Mortar PDF Guarantee.  What if you did the same as before, but instead of sell through Alliance or another like distributor, you as a RPG publisher find the top 5% elite of retail RPG stores and sell your product line exclusively to them.  Think of it as what Mac did with the iPhone, you could buy one but you had to get an account with AT&T and if you didn’t then you were not getting an iPhone.  I think as a retailer this would give you a little incentive to carry the product knowing that people can’t find it all over town and does make your store a little more “elite” with a good unique product.  Many companies have placed themselves in the “higher end” market by using this same or similar business marketing tactic of exclusivity. Apple. Tiffney’s. In-and-Out Burger. Blue Bell Ice Cream. Could this work for your company and better yet does it make the Brick & Mortar PDF Guarantee even more “elite” by doing this?  Something to think about.  Talk to you later…