Saturday, January 16, 2010

[LPJ Design] FREE Races of Obsidian Twilight: Raijin (PRPG) Preview released

Louis Porter Jr. Design, has released its final preview for the upcoming post apocalyptic survival horror fantasy setting, Obsidian Twilight for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. Here is information on the Races of Obsidian Twilight: Raijin (PRPG) Preview:

The necrotic energy of the meteor combined with the huge number of casualties from the impact and its aftermath has meant an enormous amount of spiritual energy has encompassed Abaddon. This, in turn, means a tremendous number of ghosts arisen over time. In the beginning many of these were mindless spectres, the traumatised dead from what seemed like the end of the world but over time these have been winnowed down and replaced with the new dead. Those who have died in more recent times are not the confused and sorrowful dead of the cataclysm. Those who have died in this new age are the victims of the undead lords and, while dead themselves, they have little or no sympathy for the liches, vampires, ghasts and other dead that form the new aristocracy. What has caused these dead to linger on in the world is their mistreatment at the hands of the powers that be and their desire for bloody and violent revenge, goals that they share with many of the living.

Written by Written by James Desborough with Louis Porter Jr. Available Here:

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