Monday, January 18, 2010

[Bleeping] Ken [Bleeping] Whitman!!! Are you [Bleeping] kidding me!!! [A Rant by LPJ]

I got this email in my Facebook account a few days ago from [Bleeping] Ken [Bleeping] Whitman:

Hey Louis, I am getting ready to start helping people create their own Publishers POD. The cost of getting your own equipment has come way down. If this sounds interesting to you let me know and I can send you an e-mail with more details. - Thanx Ken

Now I refer to [Bleeping] Ken [Bleeping] Whitman this way, because [Bleeping] Ken [Bleeping] Whitman is a complete [Bleeping] [Bleep]-clown. If you are involved in RPG publishing and you meet up with [Bleeping] Ken [Bleeping] Whitman, RUN don’t walk but RUN the other way. His reputation and actions in this industry are well known and documented. Giving [Bleeping] Ken [Bleeping] Whitman money for anything is like giving money to a crackhead who say he needs it for food. [Bleeping] Ken [Bleeping] Whitman is a lying, deceitful, [Bleeping] useless, [Bleeping] snake oil salesman that I hope goes to prison for [Bleeping] fraud and catches [Bleeping] [Bleep] and eye cancer!

[Bleeping] Ken [Bleeping] Whitman is a "friend" on Facebook so I can see what scam he will pull and warn people who might deal with him. If you shake hands with [Bleeping] Ken [Bleeping] Whitman make sure to count your fingers to make sure you go all of them back. [Bleeping] Ken [Bleeping] Whitman and his Rapid POD business made promises he didn't keep, cost me money, so we will never due business together. The only person lower than [Bleeping] Ken [Bleeping] Whitman in my book is Gary “Hive” Simpson and that is saying a lot. That is all I have to say on this subject. I don’t want to waste any more time on him. Talk to you later…