Friday, December 18, 2009

Setting up the motivation of Pirates of the Bronze Sky…

When I build gaming setting, I normally focus on events and build the setting around what happened in those events. With Pirates of the Bronze Sky, I have decided that the setting will be inspired by the American Revolutionary War and the War of 1812. Here is how I have broken down the “players” in this setting based on their real life counterparts:

The Monarchy: Based off of Great Britain and the United Kingdom at the height of their power. The Monarcy is in direct long term conflict with the Tyeis Reigme.

The Tyeis Regime: Based off of France during the time period of the Three Musketeers. The Church and Government have developed an incestuous relationship. Tyeis Regime is in direct long term conflict with the Monarchy. The Regime are allies with the Pyxie (New Race for the setting) ;who work as terrorist / Freedom fighters called the Maquis Blanc.

The Empire of Artemisia: Based off of Spain. The smallest and new empire in the setting. While they do not have the same physical might as the Monarchy or the Tyeis Regime, they more than make up for it with their spies and political intrigue.

Kaylethon (New Race for the setting): Based off of Scotland. They are Scottish Mercenaries who live by a warrior code of honor. They are willing to work for either the Monarchy or the Colonist but not for the Empire of Artemisia or Tyeis Regime. They find them to be “without honor”.

Winged Ape Men (New Race for the setting. No real name yet): Based off of Native Americans (Indians). They are the “common” race to the setting and have been drawn into conflicts with the Monarchy and the Tyeis Regime due to their expansionist attitudes in their lands. They have allied themselves with the Empire of Artemisia.

Colonist: Still working them out but they are inspired by the American Colonist who revolt and declare independence from Great Britain.

More to come. Talk to you later…