Wednesday, December 24, 2008

[PDF Business Wednesday] Reality Check

Do you think the RPG Market is shrinking OR growing?

If you think the RPG market is growing, then how will it take for the market to double in size? If you think the RPG market is shrinking, then at what rate do you think the rate is shrinking and more importantly when do you think it will reach 0%? My own personal feeling on this is the RPG market is shrinking at an amazing rate, similar to the comic book industry. I think the RPG market has been losing people at a rate of 3% - 5%. Worst off, I think companies, including mine have not done anything to recruit new customers into the market. We are losing people on both ends, so this is a problem.

Tabletop RPG competes with computer RPG and we are LOSING the war of getting more customers. Now with all this said, you have to wonder why I do this business, and the answer is I love it. But, I love sweets and candy and if I eat too many of them I will get a stomach ache.

A great book that I picked up with week was Reality Check by Guy Kawasaki. I own several books that Guy has written and I think he is a real expert in building successful companies. So if you are looking to learn more about business (which as a smart businessman you should be doing), check this book out. In the real world, Chapter 9 in the book just helped get my father a bonus and salary increase from the company he works for. So for him the book is a great investment. Talk to you later...