Tuesday, December 30, 2008

[Never to See the Light of Day] A Place Beyond Hell

I have decided to start a second weekly series on Tuesday here at “In The Mind of a Mad Man”, called Never to See the Light of Day. Basically in this series I will tell you about a lot of crazy gaming ideas and product that I thought about but never went anywhere for whatever reason. Hope you enjoy.

The first Never to See the Light of Day post I wanted to start with was the incredible idea and setting that I came up with called A Place Beyond Hell. This was a crazy d20 Fantasy mash-up that I came up with while drinking too much on a weekend. The tagline I created for it that explained what I wanted to do was, “Undead Nazi Elves!” UNDEAD NAZI ELVES!!!! Talk about a mash-up! Imagine World War II fought in a Fantasy where the Elves & Half Elves play the role of the Nazis and Axis; Dwarves, Gnomes & Halflings play the role of the Allies; and the Humans and Half Orcs play the rule of Jews. A Place Beyond Hell is influenced by WWII, Jim Jones, Animal Farm and the US Civil War.

Hundreds of years ago, the Elves are slaves and subjugated by the other races in the world, until a lone elf Solien (Think of a mix of Adolf Hitler and John Connor) teaches the Elves to rebel and raise an army. The Elves over time begin warring over the other races, winning battles, start taking place lands and taking control of the world. The Elves & Half Elves have taken over 85% of the world and the Allies have only one stronghold left, a small group of island mountain ranges called the Iron Hills. It is the only place that is not under control of the Elves & Half Elves. And like all those that are oppressed and overcome their oppression, they became oppressors themselves. Human and Half-Orcs are slaves in the setting (Think Slavery in the US before the Civil War) and considered to be property. There is a standing law that any Humans and Half-Orcs who are found in the open and not with their masters can be killed on sight. Solien, who by this point has gone insane and become some type of demagogue, has convinced a large majority of the Elves and Half-Elves that becoming immortal in the form of undead is the natural evolutionary course for his people to keep control and many agree. Solien becomes a Lich and then Emperor of the world.

…And this is where the players enter the setting due to a dimensional travel error. Hope this work out for you….

Some of these ideas eventually became placed in Obsidian Twilight, but A Place Beyond Hell most likely will never see the light of day. Talk to you later...