Sunday, December 21, 2008

[LPJDesign] Projects X announced and revealed!!!

Louis Porter Jr. Design, in association with Devil’s Workshop, is revealing the details of its recent upcoming secret venture called Project X.

On December 1, 2008, Louis Porter Jr. Design, created and opened a new website, was created to be the home of the all new free online webcomic / eGraphic Novel series created by Louis Porter Jr, owner of Louis Porter Jr. Design and Devil’s Workshop. The first eGraphic Novel series released at was the original Haven: City of Violence graphic novel, Three Way Dance. Three Way Dance was original released with the Haven: City of Violence Role Playing Game released nearly 8 years ago, but now it is available as a daily eGraphic Novel strip, which will be concluding at the end of December.

Three Way Dance was my first attempt in to the arena of comic books in 2001. Being a lifelong comic books fan, I really enjoyed doing that project and hoped to do more in the comic field in the future, but at the time the Internet was not ready for what I wanted to do. Three Way Dance was the reason Haven: City of Violence received initial interest to be optioned as a movie by Brigade Entertainment owned by Barry Levine, currently publisher of Radical Comics. Now in 2009, the Internet, Louis Porter Jr. Design and the gaming and comic industry are in the perfect place to accomplish this goal of bringing this project to life,” comment Louis Porter Jr.

Starting January 1, 2009, will be releasing an all new never seen before free weekly online eGraphic Novel series called Suits. Suits in based off the RPG setting of Haven: City of Violence imprint, Haven: Full Metal Zero. The series, Suits, has been best described as “The X-Files meets the Wire”. The series will be written by Louis Porter Jr. with artwork from Alex Garcia ( Alex and Louis have worked on several projects in the past including the upcoming patron-only RPG setting Obsidian Twilight, inspired by the RPG gaming setting of Wizards of the Coast’s Dark Sun and Ravenloft.

In addition to the weekly eGraphic Novel series, Louis Porter Jr. Design will be converting much of the material in Suits into D20 Modern / OGL gaming material that can be used for the modern version of the world’s most popular role playing game system. “We want to merge the world of comics and RPGs. They have had such a long relationship to each other, doing this in this way only seemed natural. I also hope to expand Suits to the world of animation shorts and possibly features. The realm of what is possible is really unlimited,” stated Porter. The Haven: City of Violence and Haven: Full Metal Zero series of RPG material is available at

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