Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Espionage Genre Toolkit now in Print!!!

Louis Porter Jr. Design, in association with Devil’s Workshop, has announced that the best selling series, Espionage Genre Toolkit is now available in bookshelf format from their Online Print-On-Demans service, This book is a collected print version of the Espionage Genre Toolkit five part PDF series. Here is information on this product:

This essential modern OGL aid presents hundreds of new options for players and contains a unique new system taking the game in brand new directions. With the Espionage Genre Toolkit sourcebook, players have the ability to design an all-new espionage genres to their liking — tailor made for their players and their specific needs! Coupled with a new set of gaming mechanics — that an entire group of players uses individually or in tandem to much greater effect — this invaluable rules volume is a must-have for all modern-day OGL fans and players!

This sourcebook covers the following genres:

  • Cold War Games
  • Funkadelic Streets
  • Corporate Raiders
  • Cybermillennium
  • New World Disorder

This sourcebook includes:

  • All New Feats including Alien Abductee, Asylum, Burnout, Catchphrase, Clean Slate, Corrupt, Cutting Edge, New Age Lunatic, Programming Aptitude, Rim Runner, Rogue Factional, Sex Appeal, Slap on the Wrist, Thuggery
  • All New Advanced Classes: Anti-Corporate Anarchist, Man In Black, Playboy Spy, Superfly Mack, and Wire Rider
  • All New Allegiances including Atavists, Anti-Authority, Anti-Corporate, Arms Manufacturer, Conspiracy Theory, Environmentalist, Financial Institution, Grizzled Loner, Hedonists, Megacorp and Pharmaceutical Giant, Militia, Rowdies, Survivalists, Technocracy, The Man, The Truth, Underworlder

Available Here!!!