Sunday, October 12, 2008

What is reasonable paywise?

I have been wondering this of late since the US dollar is going up in value against the Canadian dollar and the British pound. I mean a month ago, if I paid you for work in $100 US dollars it was equal to $100 CN dollars. Now that same $100 US is worth $116 CN. Now lets not kid anyone, PDF RPG payrates are not great by ANY means. But if you could get 50% more money for your work or 50% additional value to your money to buy goods or services, isn't that a good thing? As a writer if you write something, that sell only 10 copies should you get as much as someone who sells 25,000 copies? Now reverse it, if you sell 25,000 and the next writer sell 10 who should be paid more?

A lot of artist feel the going rate for art work is $100 a page. But, if it only takes you 2 hours to do ($50 a hour) is that a fair rate? If the average artist works 40 hours a week and 50 weeks per year, that's 2,000 hours per year. At $50 per hour, you'd be making $100,000 before taxes. Here are some other jobs in that salary range:

1. Captain/Pilot in Command (Large Jet) - Median Salary: $50.91 hourly
2. Art Director - Median Salary: $50.32 hourly (This is normally only freelance if you are VERY, very lucky)
3. Construction Manager - Median Salary: $50.66 hourly
4. Physicist - Median Salary: $50.40 hourly
5. Data Warehousing Manager - Median Salary: $51.00 hourly
6. Patent Attorney - Median Salary: $50.84 hourly
7. Commercial Loan Officer - Median Salary: $50.13 hourly
8. eCommerce Manager - Median Salary: $50.97 hourly
9. Professor of Mechanical Engineering - Median Salary: $50.08 hourly
10. Estate Planning Director - Median Salary: $50.67 hourly

How much is reasonable paywise? That is a good question. Talk to you later...