Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Obsidian Twilight: New Spells and Subtitles

In the secret lab I have been working on the new spells we are going to have in Obsidian Twilight. Here is the list of what I have come up so far: Acidic Chains, Alter Ooze, Arrows of Stone, Assault of Cold, Black Cloak of Magma, Break Bones, Disrupting Storm of Acid, Hail of Slime, Hellish Curse of Bone, Hellish Curse of Silver, Sludge Blast, Spectral Lightning Touch, Spell of Lust, Zone of Blessed Energy, Wall of Black Energy.

I don't know how many spells I am going to have in this setting, but I think this a good start. I am also thinking of adding a subtitle to Obsidian Twilight, like with Haven: City of Violence and NeoExodus: A House Divided. So far I have come up with Obsidian Twilight: Land of the Black Sun, but since their are FOUR suns in Kaug, it might be to solid. Oh well, there is still a lot to do on the outline so I am not worried. And I still need to start to work on the Obsidian Twilight logo. Talk to you later...