Sunday, December 9, 2007

[LPJDesign] Freelance Jobs offers for the 31 finalists of Paizo’s RPG Superstar™

We at Louis Porter Jr. Design understand the need for having a contest where you have 32 writers compete against each other to get down to the “last person standing” and declare them the winner. It is easy to understand the phrase, “There can be only one.” But, what about the other 31 finalists who didn’t make it and were not chosen? Should their dreams of being a published RPG game writer and developer be crushed and ended with this? Of course not! They have already shown all the skills needed to succeed as a writer in the RPG industry: determination, proficiency, skillfulness, the ability to take a chance, and best of all the fortitude to get the work done on time. And that is what Louis Porter Jr. Design is looking for in our RPG writers and developers.

So with that, we at Louis Porter Jr. Design are offering to each of the top 31 finalists who did not win Paizo’s RPG Superstar™ a paid freelance job with Louis Porter Jr. Design. For many of you wanting to break into the RPG industry, well this really is your big break. Best of all, these are PAID POSITIONS! Starting December 12th, we will be offering open freelance positions to 16 finalists who don’t make it past the 2nd Round, and this will continue each round until the winner is announced. So if you don’t make it to be the winner of this contest, but you know your work is good and you think people would want to see and play with it, contact Louis Porter Jr. Design at havengod [at] lpjdesign [dot] com and we will help your RPG writing dreams come true.