Saturday, August 4, 2007

I found a new enemy...

On my old podcast series, the RPG Publishing Gauntlet, I told you if you are a RPG Publishing company, it is best that you find an "enemy" that is your "opposite" that you can used to help focus yourself as a company and rally yourself around with your fans. For a long time my "enemy" was Adamant Entertainment. He made a perfect foil for me and with our attitudes and personal dislike for each other it make it "oh so easy". But now since Adamant Entertainment basically a poor weak shell of its former self (I think being release as the Customer Service guy from RPGNow after the unification with DriveThruRPG really effected everything for them), I have decided to find a new "enemy" for me to take on, and focus my attention to. I think I have finally found them.

With their newly announced highly aggressive D20 publishing schedule, their high level of notoriety and influence in the RPG industry, their previous direct connection to WOTC and their upcoming RPG setting going to hit the shelves in 2008, I think I have found the company that will be perfect and out new "enemy. And that enemy is....

Paizo Publishing!!!!

This is going to be A LOT OF FUN. Talk to you later...


  1. Enemy is such a pedestrian word.
    Nemesis is much better. Since you are only choosing one, maybe even archnemesis.

  2. WHOA! Archnemesis! I LIKE THAT!!!! ARCHNEMESIS THEY ARE!!!!